Highlights 2019


#50000chances: Bertelsmann Gives Away Udacity Scholarships

In March, Bertelsmann announced a global education initiative to address the shortage of skilled workers in the digital economy. 50,000 scholarships for courses offered by the online learning platform Udacity, in the fields of cloud, data and artificial intelligence, will be awarded within three years. The first 15,000 scholarship holders, selected from 45,600 applications from six continents, started the program in October 2019. The lively response is attributable to an extensive image campaign Bertelsmann launched under the hashtag #50000chances. TV commercials, print and online ads, social media and a dedicated landing page all highlighted the increasing importance of technological expertise.

Udacity Goes from Success to Success with Nanodegrees

The online continuing education platform Udacity, in which Bertelsmann owns a major stake, now has more than 10 million students enrolled in its programs worldwide. The “University of Silicon Valley” offers digital learning in key areas such as data analysis, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotics – knowledge that is urgently needed as many industries’ digitalization progresses. More tech courses, 14 new Nanodegree programs and a School of Cloud Computing were added in 2019. The offer especially appeals to companies that want to provide their staff with advanced training.

Relias Continues Expanding its Extensive Course Library

Relias, the US-based continuing education specialist, struck a chord with its broadly diversified range of healthcare training and education. To keep up with the demand for specialized healthcare providers, Relias has continued to grow its course library – the largest in the US healthcare sector – since its 2018 acquisition of OnCourse Learning. Additions such as suicide prevention, maternal mortality reduction, wound care and documentation of nursing activities have helped Relias’ 11,000 client organizations and more than five million users worldwide develop highly reliable care teams to reduce variations in care and deliver better clinical and financial outcomes. In doing so, Relias continues to advocate for the highest quality and safety standards across the entire continuum of care.

A Digital Information System to Simplify Students’ Lives

Alliant International University, which specializes in psychology and education, expanded its online campus in 2019, showing continuous growth in its number of online students. The Education Group subsidiary also introduced a new Student Information System that allows people to manage their entire academic careers online. Students from across the country can now efficiently organize and view all deadlines, courses, exam results, room allocations and online exercises centrally.
Andy Vaughn (left), President of Alliant International University, speaking with students.